January 22, 2022

Nuveen’s Sixth Annual Responsible Investing Survey

Nuveen’s Sixth Annual Responsible Investing Survey

Nuveen, a TIAA Company, has just published its sixth annual responsible investing survey. The survey sheds light on opinions and events related to responsible investing in different time frames and evaluates the trend of responsible investing with 1007 U.S.-based investors with over $100,000 in investible assets being surveyed.

The survey finds that most of the investors (729 out of 1007) have participated in responsible investing, which is a great proportion and has shown an increasing trend gradually. However, the age gap is quite large in terms of the level of familiarity. For non-millennian investors, 30% of them have never heard of responsible investing while only 2 % of millennial investors have no idea about that. Regarding the reason why they are interested in responsible investing, the majority of them have mentioned that the reason is mainly due to the recent climate disaster. As can be seen, responsible investing is being generally accepted with high awareness.

While responsible investing remains quite a new concept to many, the financial advisor plays a significant role in the field. There are over 80% of the investors who recognize the importance of their financial advisor and believe that it is crucial for them to talk with the advisor about personal values to have better decisions making. 63% of them even pointed out that their financial investors could bring them to see the positive societal or environmental impacts through responsible investing, in which most of them also express the willingness to be loyal to the financial advisor if the benefits are seen.

Responsible investing has seen a rising trend year to year along with the beneficial sides that are shown to the investors. While financial advisors are essential in this investment field to help investors recognize their contribution.

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